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Rhetoric - 1997 Moot Court

A Photo Presentation




Final Round Judges: David A. Ault`70, Joe O`Rourke, Tedd R. Todd`61, V. Sue Shields



(From left to right)





 Final Round Judges and Students Finalists



David A. Ault`70, Joe Smiddy`99, Joe O`Rourke, Jim Marietta`98, Tedd R. Todd`61



Todd Dudley`99, V. Sue Shields, Mark Cevallos`99



(From left to right)







Student Finalists



Joe Smiddy`99, Jim Marietta`98, Todd Dudley`99, Mark Cevallos`99







Final Round Judges (look above) and Student participants







Judge V. Sue Shields and 1997 Top Advocate Joe Smiddy`99



The Final Round In Goodrich Room