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Why study history?

The Wabash College history major encourages historical imagination and curiosity, applying global and cultural examination methods to primary sources of the past. The Wabash history department is dedicated to promoting the study of history of diverse peoples, with emphasis on global and cultural historical methods. Students are encouraged not only to study historians, but to accumulate the skills to become historians. In this light, our history classes follow this series of goals: Content, The Craft of History, Historical Thinking, Self-Expression, and Self-Development. For specific history course offerings, check out our curriculum.

Why go to college for history?

After years of social studies and high school courses, taking history classes in college may seem like extra credit. On the contrary, college history majors delve into many cultures and traditions mostly unavailable at the high school course level. Our diverse and well-rounded faculty seek out new areas of study and critique from across the historical spectrum, from pre-historical roots to current affairs. History is a process that produces an ever-changing view of the past, not a static picture. In this manner, the study of history prepares undergraduates to view the culture in light of that past, gaining invaluable insights with which to navigate the modern world.

What can you do with a history degree?

There are plenty of wide-ranging jobs for history majors, such as the careers of these recent graduates: Software Company President, Finance Attorney, College Director Annual Giving, Loan Officer, HS Teacher, Director of Sales, Attorney, Operations Director, Bank Branch Manager, Hiring Manager, Campus Safety Director, Dermatologist, Oil Co. Land Representative, Human Rights Investigator, HR Director in China, Sr. Vice President of Bus. Development, Superintendent of Cemeteries, SEO Campaign Director, US Air Force Airman, Physical Therapist, International Affairs Analyst, Historic Preservation Specialist.

Check out a story on recent History major Cooper Smith ’23, recipient of a two-year fellowship from the Marshall Commission.

The Miller Family Fund : Travel Grants for Wabash History Students
The Wabash College Department of History is now accepting applications for travel grants supported by the Miller Family Fund. The Fund supports Wabash history majors in their travels to enhance their learning experience.

Miller Family Fund Application

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