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There is ONLY one college in the nation you'll visit this year that made all of these lists:

  • Best Alumni Network
  • Great-Run Colleges
  • Great Professors
  • Great Professor Accessibility
  • Great Classroom Experience
  • Great Financial Aid
  • Great Career Services
  • Great Athletic Facilities
  • Best Value College
  • Happiest, Most Successful Alumni


*Sources for rankings include 2020 Princeton Review, Forbes, &

There are many ways to visit Wabash (virtual and on-campus) - check out all of our options below!

Virtual Campus Tour Video

Take a tour across the beautiful campus of Wabash College, from grand academic halls to superb athletic facilities.

Personalized Campus Visits

We invite you to join us for an on-campus visit! This visit option gives you the opportunity to tailor the day around your interests - making it a valuable and influential experience during the college search.

Personalized Virtual Visits

Experience Wabash from a distance with this visit option! If you aren't able to join us for an on-campus visit, we have a great alternative for you - a virtual visit.

Senior Class Visit Day

Sunday, February 27Monday, February 28

This program is designed give you greater perspective of life on campus at Wabash. During this visit you will meet current students, attend a class, learn from world-renowned faculty, and discover residential life.

Admitted Student Weekend

(Optional Overnight)

March 18–19 and April 8–9

Admitted Student Weekend will give you the opportunity to further explore what the College has to offer over the next four years and beyond. We hope to achieve this through programming that includes extracurricular and academic opportunities, Greek life and independent housing options, and connecting with future classmates, new friends, and alumni.