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There is ONLY one college in the nation you'll visit this year that made all of these lists:

  • Best Alumni Network.
  • Highest Alumni Salaries.
  • Best Career Services.
  • Best Internships.
  • Most Accessible Professors.
  • Best Classroom Experience.
  • Great Financial Aid.
  • Happiest, Most Successful Alumni.


*Sources for rankings include 2020 Princeton Review, Forbes, &

There are many ways to visit Wabash (virtual and on-campus) - check out all of our options below!

Virtual Campus Tour Video

Take a tour across the beautiful campus of Wabash College, from grand academic halls to superb athletic facilities.

Personalized Campus Visits

We invite you to join us for an on-campus visit! This visit option gives you the opportunity to tailor the day around your interests - making it a valuable and influential experience during the college search.

Personalized Virtual Visits

Experience Wabash from a distance with this visit option! If you aren't able to join us for an on-campus visit, we have a great alternative for you - a virtual visit.

Saturday Programming

Come check out Wabash this fall during a Saturday visit program! With many options to choose from, you're sure to find the visit best for you.

Scarlet Honors Weekend

Friday, December 10, 2021

Details coming soon.