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Math - Mathematics

Professor Chad Westphal

Why go to college for math?

Mathematics is a universal language that provides a framework for scientific inquiry, logical thinking, and deeply understanding the nature of the physical world. Mathematics majors at Wabash have the opportunity to explore the pure and abstract nature of mathematics as well as how to develop and study mathematical tools for a wide range of applications. Students can specialize in pure, computational, or financial mathematics.

Knowledgeable faculty teach students to build a fundamental understanding of mathematics to help them become effective in whatever career they choose. Many students take advantage of research opportunities off-campus and abroad offered through Wabash during their undergraduate years. For a full college math course offering, check out the program curriculum.

What can you do with a math degree?

Recent Wabash graduates have pursued a variety of jobs with a math major: Actuary, Business Analyst, Accountant, Benefits Administration, Contractor, Loan Advisor, Software Development, Pastor, Managing Director, High School Teacher, Project Manager/Principal Leader, Corporate Treasurer, Corporate Strategy, Biochemistry Researcher, Insurance Vice President/Actuary, Police Officer, Project Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Business Development, Financial Services, Quality Assurance, Pharmacist, Bank Vice President, Manufacturing Supervisor, Account Manager, and Professor.