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Students frequently assist in teaching at community events such as Brain Day.

The neuroscience minor provides students with an introduction to the study of the nervous system from a range of levels. Discoveries in this field have great promise to illuminate the roots of our mental experience and provide the tools to preserve and reverse the effects of injury and disease. While only one of several major organ systems in the body, the nervous system is very complicated and critical to our identity. Neuroscience is fundamentally interdisciplinary and draws on techniques from diverse fields including biology, psychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

The courses included in the Neuroscience minor focus on the fundamentals of the biology and function of the nervous system. The minor is open to any major and should be of interest to students with professional interests in the biomedical or health sciences. The courses included in the minor focus on the organization and function of the nervous system, from the specializations of single neurons and glia to the function of large networks of neurons which support movement, memory, emotion, and more.