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Frank Howland Teaching Financial Accounting

What is accounting?

Wabash accounting students learn more than simply how to record financial transactions: our liberal arts approach to the field provides an essential foundation for understanding why the transactions matter and how to present financial information with clarity and precision.

Wabash College has partnered with the Indiana University Kelley School of Business to formalize a pipeline program that guides Wabash students through the prerequisite accounting courses for admission to the Master of Science in Accounting program. The degree at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business is an intensive, one-year, full-time graduate degree program. Wabash students are given priority access in order to enroll at IU immediately upon graduation and sit for the CPA exam the following summer. From there, graduates receiving the master’s in accounting can apply for a variety of jobs with the accounting degree received from IU. For additional information on the curricular requirements for accounting at Wabash, check out the pipeline program page.