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Gender Studies

Professor Crystal Benedicks leads a gender studies discussion.

What is gender studies?

Gender studies explores the similarities and differences between people's experiences, perspectives, and voices by analyzing variations in gender roles that occur across cultures and over time. An interdisciplinary field, gender studies examines relationships between biological differences and social power, and investigates the complex interaction of gender with race, class, and culture . Wabash’s gender studies minor gives students the opportunity to gain a firm grounding in the social, cultural, and biological factors that constitute femininity, masculinity, and sexual identity. Determined and committed faculty prepare students for leadership and service in a diverse and changing society through a thorough study of sexuality and gender vocabulary and theories in the field. Gender studies also involves a critical investigation of strategies that aim to transform unjust or coercive social systems based on gender. Through coursework and an independent senior project, students undertake a systematic and critical analysis of gender issues across academic disciplines. For a full course listing, check out our curriculum.
Students minoring in the program will enhance their preparation for careers in a wide variety of areas, including human services, law, government, teaching, the arts, clinical work, social work, public relations, advertising, and journalism. Wabash graduates with expertise in gender studies may also pursue further study of gender as graduate students in a wide range of academic fields.
The program is administered by the Gender Issues Committee.