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Computer Science

Students learn coding through robotics.

Department students require a sense of the nature of mathematics and computer science and their place in society. 

The mathematics major can tailor upper-level courses to his interests (including pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics) and career goals (including actuarial science, computer science and secondary education). Students are provided with an understanding of mathematics, its nature, and uses to help them become effective users of mathematics in their careers.

The study of computer science involves programming, but it delves beyond writing complex or eye-catching programs. A good comprehension of computer science helps students design better programs and understand how to use a computer to solve new problems.

A major in computer science can lead to a wide variety of career choices. Here are some of the careers pursued by recent Wabash Math majors: Police officer, Actuary, Benefits Administration, Contractor, Loan Advisor, Software Development, Pastor, Managing Director (GTX Enterprise), HS Teacher, Project Manager/Principal Leader, Corporate Treasurer, Corporate Strategy, Biochemistry Researcher, Insurance Vice President/Actuary, Project Engineer, Business Development, Financial Services, Business Analyst, Accountant, Quality Assurance, Pharmacist, Bank Vice President, Manufacturing Supervisor, Account Manager, Professor