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Academics - Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Academics - Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Ann T. S. Taylor

Professor of Chemistry


Hays Science Hall 208

Picture of Taylor, Ann T. S.

Ann Taylor is Chair of the Chemistry Department and Haines Associate Professor of Biochemistry. Ann is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead MN and earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University. Her laboratory research focuses on plant signal transduction: how do plants recognize and fight off pathogens? How do plants communicate with other plants through secondary metabolites? She is also interested in how students learn. She has authored several case studies and other active learning resources for use in the classroom. Ann is on the editorial review board for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education.
When she’s not in the classroom or lab, Ann enjoys running, having people over for dinner, traveling, renovating a Victorian house near campus, and hanging out with her husband and three children.


1998 - Ph.D. in Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.
1993 - Bachelor of Arts, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.
            Major:  Chemistry; Minors:  Biology, Math


Che 101—Survey of Chemistry
Che 102—General, Organic and Biochemistry for Non-majors
Che 111—General Chemistry
Che 321—Organic Chemistry II
Che 361—Biochemistry
Che 461—Advanced topics in Biochemistry (Previous offerings include:  Genetic testing and therapy, The Chemistry of Cancer, The RNA World, Determining Structures of Biomolecules, Genetically Modified Foods)
Che 462—Advanced Biochemistry
Freshman Tutorial (previous offerings include Alternative Energy), Enduring Questions


The ethical implications of genetic testing in the classroom.  (2011) Ann T.S. Taylor and Jill C. Rogers. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 39(4): 253-260.
One Story, Different Classes:  Using the Same Case Study for Different Levels of Chemistry Students.  Ann T.S. Taylor, Spring 2011 ConfChem: Case-Based Studies in Chemical Education, July 17-23.
Effect of yhiM expression on antibiotic resistance of E. coli.  Edward J. Evans*, Charles J. Niblick*, and Ann T.S. Taylor.  Experimental Biology 2011; FASEB J, March 17, 2011 25: 966.1
Plant Pathogen Growth Inhibition by Plant Extracts.  Shane M. Evans*, Seth A. Bawel*, and Ann T.S. Taylor.  Experimental Biology 2011; FASEB J, March 17, 2011 25:761.3
One headache after another…, Ann T.S. Taylor and William Cliff, published 12/28/2009;
* Indicates student co-author