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Medicine - Nursing

The nursing profession has become popular among college graduates, including Wabash alumni.  While Wabash does not offer a nursing degree, interested students can apply to accelerated nursing programs once they graduate from Wabash.  These accelerated baccalaureate programs generally run 12-18 months long, and students will graduate with a BSN in nursing (in addition to the BA they receive from Wabash).    Accelerated nursing programs are growing in popularity, with over 250 accelerated programs across the country. 


The prerequisites for accelerated nursing programs are very program-specific, so students will need to identify several programs of interest and refer to the admission’s guidelines of each school.  Some general trends include:

  • Humanities (4-8 courses)
  • Psychology (PSYCH 101)
  • Chemistry (CHEM 101)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 321; BIO 315, respectively)*
  • Microbiology (BIO 225)

*Many nursing schools will require Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, which are not offered at Wabash.  Students can work with their pre-health advisor to map out their path to nursing school.

Indiana accelerated programs include:

Marian Accelerated Nursing Program

Valparaiso Accelerated Nursing Program

IUPUI Accelerated Nursing Program

Ball State Accelerated Nursing Program

Indiana State University Accelerated Program

University of Indianapolis Accelerated Program

St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph’s College Consortium

Visit: Indiana Center for Nursing for a full list and more information.