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Biology - Facilities

80,000-square-foot Biology and Chemistry building

Our 80,000-square-foot Biology and Chemistry building, Hays Hall, was dedicated on September 19-20, 2003. It provides flexible teaching spaces, research laboratories located directly across from faculty offices, and a number of small public gathering places designed to encourage students to work together in informal groups. The new building includes the following:

  • State of the art teaching labs
  • Instrument rooms
  • Greenhouse
  • Animal facility with cage washer
  • Reading room overlooking the Fuller Arboretum
  • Dedicated computer classrooms
  • Student offices and research space
  • Large complex of integrated molecular biology labs
  • Controlled environment rooms (cold room and warm room, NRC license)

Major pieces of laboratory equipment include:

  • Zeiss Oil Immersion and Phase-Contrast Microscopes
  • Zeiss Epifluorescent Microscope
  • Zeiss Universal Microscope with Nomarski Optics
  • Nikon Compound Microscopes
  • Nikon, Leica, and Wild Dissecting Scopes
  • Electron Microscope (scanning & transmission) - teaching grade
  • Video Microscopy - projection & time lapse with video printing
  • Liquid Scintillation & Gamma Counters
  • UV/visible specrophotometers
  • Optima Max ultracentrifuge
  • preparative centrifuges
  • autoclaves
  • ultra cold freezer
  • laminar flow hoods
  • automated X-Ray Developer
  • scanning and digitizing computer hardware & software
  • Thermocycler & BioRad CFX96 Real-Time System

A 5-acre pond available for student research.Field Sites

  • Allee Memorial Woods - 200 acre old-growth forest research and teaching site
  • Pond - 5 acre pond and aquatic habitat site located 15 minutes from campus