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Live at Wabash

The first question most students ask when they are considering Wabash College is, "Where will I live?" And just like so many aspects of our student-centered culture, it's completely up to you.

Wabash students choose from a wide range of housing options — eight independent residence halls or ten national fraternities. Students are required to live in campus housing all four years (though some exceptions are granted through the Dean of Students Office). Living on campus helps students adjust to the rigors of academic life, provides opportunities for social events and intramural sports, and allows students to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

A little more than half of entering freshmen choose to live in one of the ten national fraternities. All of the College-owned chapter houses were built new or renovated in the last 20 years and all are located on campus. All of the fraternities are focused on the ideals of scholarship, brotherhood, and service. (The all-Greek average GPA is better than 3.0 at Wabash.) Each fraternity has its own meal plan, dining room, and cook.

Students who choose to remain independent live in one of eight residence halls. Living accommodations in these buildings vary from single-man rooms to doubles, triples, and quads. All of them have common social areas and laundry facilities. Men who live in residence halls eat in the Sparks Center and have a choice of two meal plans (19 or 15 meals per week).

Associate Dean of Students Marc Welch is the main point of contact for residence life issues.