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What is Rush? 

You've probably heard the horror stories about Rush from other schools: being herded around in suits listening to the same pathetic story about how this house offers the highest GPA's, the most varsity athletes, and the biggest parties on campus. Sounds great, huh? Too bad you can't even live at the house until you're a sophomore.

Luckily, Wabash College takes a much more relaxed approach to this. Instead of being led around like a nine year-old, you visit the different houses at your leisure and meet the brothers in a casual setting. No pretentious suitsno elaborate skits or speeches, and no empty promises.

Wabash Rush officially begins the Friday night of Scarlet Celebration weekend. (Yes, rush begins while you're still in high school.) One of the main purposes of Scarlet Celebration weekend is to introduce you to Greek life at Wabash College and get a feel of where you would like to live as a Wabash man. What's the best way to get a feel for a fraternity? Living in the house for a weekend is more informative and genuine than a month's worth of stuffy meetings.

In addition, each house has something going throughout the weekend to give you something relaxing between exams. In the past, comedians, bands, and athletic tournaments have been great ways for incoming students to get to know the houses on campus. Most importantly, they are all laid back and give you the opportunity to see the brothers in their own environment.

Maybe you really like the fraternity you're staying at, nonetheless, it's a great idea to look around at each house on campus (if nothing else, you can get some free food). As you visit the houses and get to know its brothers, you may be offered a "bid." This is an invitation for you to join the brotherhood. There are three things you can do from this point:

    1) You can accept the bid and thus become a part of the new member class.
    2) You can deny the bid and look elsewhere.
    3) You can hold the bid and explore other options while keeping that house in mind.

Rush continues throughout the summer. Most houses will mail you invitations to attend summer rush events. Typically held at a brother's house, these events are excellent ways to become further acquainted with the guys at each house. If you didn't have time to see a house during Scarlet Celebration Weekend, summer rush events are a good way to get an idea of the differences between houses before Orientation Week.

Orientation Week, your first week on campus as a freshman, marks the close of rush. If you found a house during the summer that you really like, you can request to stay in that house during Orientation Week. Also, if you've already accepted a bid, you'll want to stay in that fraternity. If, however, you're still not sure about which house you want to rush, you have until the close of the rush week to find one that best fits you.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the concept of rush. If you have any additional questions, however, feel free to contact the official Theta Delta Chi rush chairs Levi Garrison at or Jacob Ferguson at

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our rush events.