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Chapel Sing Winners 2015 (10-Jul-16)
Chapel Sing Winners 2011 (24-Oct-11)
164th TDX Convention (24-Aug-11)
Fraternity Rush Events (11-Aug-11)
Wabash TDX Graduation 2011 (10-Aug-11)
TDX Formal 2011 (25-May-11)
Honors Scholar Rush 2011 (31-Mar-11)
Theta Delta Chi Athletics (01-Mar-11)
SuperBowl 2010/Dr. Bear's Initiation/Bro-in Out (01-Mar-11)
Stair Picture 2010 (01-Mar-11)
TDX Philanthropy (01-Mar-11)
Monon Bell Game 2010 (28-Feb-11)
Chapel Sing 2010 (11-Jan-11)
143rd TDX Birthday Brotherhood Dinner (04-Oct-10)
TDX Convention 2010 (23-Aug-10)
Kids Against Hunger 2010 (22-Aug-10)
Wabash Graduation 2010 (11-Aug-10)
Honors Scholar Spring Cleaning 2010 (11-Aug-10)
TDX Trip to Michigan State (11-Aug-10)
Superbowl Party 2010 (06-Jun-10)
TDX Christmas/Brother Photo 2009 Part II (20-Apr-10)
TDX Christmas/Brother Photo 2009 (20-Apr-10)
House Projects Christmas 2009 (04-Apr-10)
Monon Bell 2009 (04-Apr-10)
Painting the Bench Fall 2009 (04-Apr-10)
Chapel Sing 2009 (06-Feb-10)
Indian's Baseball Rush Party 2009 (02-Jul-09)
Graduation 2009 (02-Jul-09)
Superbowl 2009 (18-Feb-09)
Homecoming 2008 (17-Feb-09)
Painting the Bench - Fall 2008 (17-Feb-09)
Theta Delta Chi Convention 2008 (24-Sep-08)
Indian's Baseball Rush Party (04-Aug-08)
Family/Alumni Clean-up Day 2008 (07-May-08)
Theta Delt Sports (07-Feb-08)
Superbowl 2008 (03-Feb-08)
Homecoming 2007 (30-Jan-08)
Chapel Sing 2007 (29-Jan-08)
TDX Bowling (23-Aug-07)
Theta Delta Chi Convention 2007 (14-Aug-07)
Family/Alumni Clean-up Day 2007 (15-Mar-07)
Superbowl 2007 (13-Mar-07)
Good Times at TDX (13-Mar-07)
Pledge Families (13-Mar-07)
Formal 2006 (13-Mar-07)
Painting the Bench - Fall 2006 (12-Mar-07)