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Brotherhood is growing from a boy to a man alongside a group of aspiring individuals with at least one common goal: forming a mutual, dependence-based web of friendships. A brotherhood is a social environment in which young men gain a wide array of skills by learning from each others' successes, failures, opinions, and feelings. Brotherhoods are only for those daring young men who wish to challenge themselves to become a better person in a dynamic, diverse, and family-like environment.


Academic Standards and Support

Wabash College is, as anyone will attest, is a rigorous academic institution which demands much of its students in its quest to create well-rounded, knowledgeable men. Theta Delta Chi recognizes this and provides the necessary support for students in their time at Wabash.  As one of the smaller fraternities, we offer the ability for personal one-on-one tutoring with upperclassmen in similar fields of study. The brothers of Theta Delta Chi are very diverse in their academic pursuits, with pre-med to religion and everything in between. Ours is the BEST GPA on campus and similar dedication asked of those who stay here. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to be an initiate and the upper-classmen provide all the necessary support to anyone who may be struggling.  From editing a paper to group study sessions, the brotherhood of Theta Delta Chi holds each other accountable in their academic endeavors. Nightly study tables are required for freshmen during the week and regularly attended by older brothers, an invaluable asset in what may otherwise be an overwhelming first semester in a new environment.


Athletic Involvement

Theta Delta Chi has a strong athletic tradition at Wabash. Roughly half our Brothers participate in varsity sports, with more involved in club sports, and almost everyone involved in intramurals Theta Delts are active in Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, and Football. In addition to participating in sports, the Theta Delt Brothers are also avid fans of Wabash athletics. We regularly tailgate at football games, chant during basketball games, and cheer on our futbol brothers and runners. If you're interested in maintaining your interest in athletics during college, either for Wabash or in intramurals, Theta Delta Chi is an excellent choice for you.


Leadership Opportunities

Leading effectively is a part of every Wabash Man's life. It is about interacting with people and learning to express yourself in such a way that those around you will be inspired to work alongside you. As freshmen, Theta Delts are presented with many opportunities to grow as leaders both in the house and on campus - become Rush Chairs, Intramural Managers, IFC Representatives, club officers, and many others. With such a foundation, Theta Delts are highly encouraged to pursue further leadership roles on campus and are always looking for that next step. Through interacting with the people we live with, growing by their criticisms and praises, we learn many valuable life skills which greatly help in the positions we are afforded today and will continue to help us in the future. However, even those who tend to shy away from such positions are just as likely to emerge as leaders in Theta Delta Chi. Leadership starts in the house itself, where self-governance is more than an abstract idea. Theta Delts elect officers to organize events, plan activities and community service, maintain connections with our alumni, manage finances, and much more.


Commitment to Community Service and Philanthropy

Our Brotherhood will seek to serve the surrounding community in order to benefit our fellow man with projects designed to provide increased opportunities for those in need. Through these efforts, we will seek to strengthen our fraternal friendship and individual moral temperament in order to maintain the benevolent spirit of Theta Delta Chi. Serving Providence requires a tightly knit group of people who work well together and are committed to getting things done. These accomplishments are the Greek system's proudest achievement.


Social Life

The social life at Theta Delta Chi is very unique. There is always something to do around the house during the week. Playing board games like Risk or Monopoly, ping pong, euchre, video games, or watching a movie is always a welcome break from studying. The Brothers in the house take their academics seriously, but they also take our Brotherhood seriously. Every Wednesday night, the Brothers get together for a Brotherhood Activity as another opportunity to get to know one another even better. The Brothers have bonded from bowling, playing charades, and even through something new the Brothers call Stair Talks. On the weekend, the Theta Delt house comes alive when the Brothers come together to renew in union our social joys. Don't worry though, there are always women around to party on the dance floor. No one ever leaves the house disappointed with Theta Delt's weekend fun.


Competitive Nature

Every fraternity at Wabash is very competitive: each strives to be the best of the best. The mission of Theta Delta Chi includes competing to be the best at everything we undertake. Whether it is academics, athletics, or extra-curricular events, philanthropy, or leadership positions, Theta Delta Chi will endeavor to be exceptional in all that we do.



Is Greek life for you? As with most things in life, first-hand experience is the best way to find out. Although the path to joining a Fraternity offically starts with Honor Scholar Weekend, our house holds many different types of events throughout the entire year to get new, interested students familiar with Greek life. Don't be afraid to approach a Brother with questions you might have - they've been there before, and will be happy to tell you about their experiences.