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Famous Theta Delts

Robert Frost, Dartmouth 1896, four time Pulitzer Prize winning poet

Alexander Woolcott, Hamilton 1896, drama critic NY Times, Herald-Tribune, Sun.

Norman Hackett, Michigan 1898, actor

Bellamy Partridge, Hobart 1900, author of “County Lawyer”

Donald Parson, Havard 1905, author “Portraits of Keats” “Grass Flowers”

Arthur Hornblow, Dartmouth 1915, film producer Paramount and MGM

Frank Thomas, Stanford 1933, Thumpers (Bambi) creator

George Mosel, Amherst 1944, Pulitzer Prize for “All the Way Home”

John Nichols, Hamilton 1962, author “the Milagro Bean Field War” “the Sterile Cuckoo”

James Wood, MIT ??, actor



Charles Miller, Dartmouth 1872, Editor-in-Chief NY Times

S. Emory Thompson, Michigan 1904, publisher Chicago Times

Frazier Hunt, Illinois 1908, writer and war correspondent

Richard Wilson, Iowa State 1927, President of the National Press Club

Harrison Salisbury, Minnesota 1929, Pulitzer Prize journalist



Frank Lahey, Harvard 1904, Founder of Boston’s Lahey Clinic

Oliver Beahrs, Berkeley 1937, Head Surgery at the Mayo Clinic



Alien Beach, Union 1849, Lt. Governor of New York, Secretary of State

W.D. Bloxham, William and Mary 1854, Governor of Florida

Clemment H. Sinnickson, Union 1855, New Jersey (Rep.)

John Hay, Brown 1858, Abraham Lincoln’s secretary, Secretary of State

Henry J. Spooner, Brown 1860, Rhode Island (Rep.)

Henry Gibson, Hobart 1862, Tennessee (Rep.)

Daniel L. Rockwood, Union 1869, Democratic Representative

Hon. John W. Griggs, Lafayette 1868, Governor of New Jersey, Attorney General

Nathan F. Dixon, Jr., Brown 1869, Senator Rhode Island

John Bellamy, Virginia 1875, Senator North Carolina

Walter Stiness, Brown 1877, Rhode Island (Rep.)

Thomas B. Kyle, Dartmouth 1880, Ohio (Rep.)

Frederic C. Stevens, Bowdoin 1881, Minnesota (Rep.)

Daniel J. McGillicuddy, Bowdoin 1881, Maine (Rep.)

John A. Dix, Cornell 1883, Governor of New York

Gonzalo de Quesada, CCNY 1888, founder of Cuban Republic (statue at Havana Park)

J.H. Bartlett, Dartmouth 1894, Governor of New Hampshire

Rollin Stanford, Tufts 1897, New York (Rep.)

Earle S. Warner, Hobart 1902, US Supreme Court Justice

William F. Love, Rochester 1903, New York Supreme Court Justice

Frank H. Buck, Berkeley 1907, California (Dem.)

Hans Schoefeld, Washington 1907, US Minister to Finland

Maurice E. Crumpecker, Michigan 1909, Oregon (Rep.)

Eric A. Johnston, Washington 1917, US Chamber of Commerce President

Irving M. Ives, Hamilton 1919, Senator New York

Arthur Kelly, Toronto 1920, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario

Louis P. Baeubien, McGill 1925, Senator of Canada from Quebec

Herman P. Smith, Dartmouth 1933, Member of Congress from Pennsylvania

Henry P. Smith, Dartmouth 1933, New York (Rep.)

John W. Tuthill, William and Mary 1932, Ambassador to Brazil

Alvin M. Bentley, Michigan 1940, Michigan (Rep.)

John W. Brook, Toronto 1946, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario

Donald R. Steele, Toronto 1946, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario

Richard Holland, Toronto 1947, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario

Edward Saunders, Toronto 1949, Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario

Robert L. Leggett, Berkeley 1948, Congressman from California

Thomas R. Pickering, Bowdoin 1953, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Jerry Lewis, UCLA 1956, California (Rep.)

Wesley C. Uhlman, Washington 1956, Mayor of Seattle



Albert W. Smith, Cornell 1878, Dean of Cornell Law School

Ernest W. Huffcut, Cornell 1884, Dean of Cornell Law School

Frederick C. Ferry, Williams 1891, President of Hamilton College

Alexander Meiklejohn, Brown 1893, President of Amherst College

Guy S. Ford, Wisconsin 1895, President of University of Minnesota, Phi Beta Kappa

Samuel P. Capen, Tufts 1898, President of the University of Buffalo

Winfred F. Smiter, Bowdoin 1899, President of John Hopkins University

Edmund E. Day, Dartmouth 1905, President of Cornell University

Chauncy Boucher, Michigan 1909, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska

Robert E. Doherty, George Washington 1909, President of Carnegie Institute of Tech

Leonard Carmichael, Tufts 1921, President of Tufts University, Secretary of Smithsonian

Alvin D. Chandler, William and Mary 1922, President of College of William and Mary

Francis H. Horn, Dartmouth 1930, President of the University of Rhode Island

Norman Topping, Washington 1930, Chancellor of the University of Southern California

Robert V. Schnabel, Bowdoin 1944, President of Valparaiso University

Julian Gibbs, Amherst 1946, President of Amherst College

W. Lawrence Gulick, Hamilton 1952, President of St. Lawrence College

Elmer H. Capen, Tufts 1960, President of Tufts University



Stephan M. Babcock, Tufts 1886, inventor of the Babcock Centrifuge (butterfat testing)

Herbert E. Bolton, Wisconsin 1895, President of the American Historical Association

Carlos Baker, Dartmouth 1932, Hemingway biographer, scholar of Princeton University

Lester C. Turow, Williams 1960, Dean of the Sloan School of Management (MIT)

William A. McClung, Williams 1966, literary and architectural historian




Benjamin Lamberton, Dickinson 1862, Admiral U.S. Navy

Arthur J. Hepburn, Dickinson 1896, Admiral Commander in Chief of the U.S. Fleet

Donald B. MacMillan, Bowdoin 1897,  Arctic explorer, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.

Robert W. Manss, Michigan 1930, Judge Advocare General of the U.S. Air Force

Robert Lee Scott, Arizona State 1932, U.S. General

Rudolf F. Peskens, Tufts 1966, Brigadier General U.S. Air Force



Raymond M. Hood, Brown 1902, Rockefeller Center and Chicago Tribune



James R. Mellon, Washington and Jefferson 1865, President of Ligonier Valley Railroad

Eugene Grace, Lehigh 1899, Chairman of the Board of Bethlehem Steel

J. Frank Drake, Dartmouth 1902, Chairman of the Board of Gulf Oil Corporation

Harvey Dow Gibson, Bowdoin 1902, President of the Manufacturers Trust Co

Stanton Griffs, Cornell 1910, Chairman of the Board of Madison Square Garden

Willard H. Dow, Williams 1919, President of Dow Chemical Corporation

Leo D. Welch, Rochester 1919, Chairman of the Board of Standard Oil

Myford Irvine, Stanford 1921, landholder in California, City of Irvine named after him

George L. Smith, Columbia 1925, President of Kinney Shoe Company

William H. Elliot, William and Mary 1928, President of Border Corporation

Charles C. Tillinghast, Brown 1932, President of TWA, Chancellor of Brown University

Karl J. Neer, Illinois 1933, President of Neer Oil Company

James W. Kerr, Toronto 1937, President of TransCanada Pipelines

William Edwards, Michigan 1939, President of Hilton Hotels

Edwin A. Gee, George Washington 1941, CEO International Paper

Charles K. Fletcher, Jr., Stanford 1950, Chairman of the Home Federal Saving Assoc
William J. Henry, William and Mary 1963, President Time Life Books, Inc.



Alexander Holley, Brown 1853, Bessemer Steel, statue in Washington Square, NYC



Edward Marsh, Lehigh 1894, gold medalist 1900 Olympics – rowing

Walter H. Snell, Brown 1913, player Boston Red Sox

Clarence P. Houston, Tufts 1914, President of NCAA

Leon Tuck, Dartmouth 1915, silver medalist 1920 Olympics – hockey

Stanley Lomax, Cornell 1923, radio sports broadcaster

Walter F. O’Malley, Pennsylvania 1926, owner of  Brooklyn/LA Dodgers

William F. McAfee, Jr., Michigan 1929, player Chicago White Sox

John W. Allyn, Lafayette 1939, owner of Chicago White Sox

Donald B. Canham, Michigan 1941, University of Michigan Athletic Director

Harry Dalton, Amherst 1950, Executive VP Milwaukee Brewers

William P. Ficker, Berkeley 1950, Winner of America’s Cup Race

Benjamin L. Abruzzo, Illinois 1952, Crewmember of “Double Eagle II”

            (first trans-Atlantic balloon flight)

Mark Donahue, Brown 1959, Indianapolis 500 Winner

Darrin Nelson, Stanford 1981, Stanford All-American, player Minnesota Vikings

Chuck Muncie, Berkeley 1975, Cali professional football player

Garin Veris, Stanford 1985, All-Pro football player



RT. Rev. J.H.D. Wingfield, William and Mary 1853, Bishop of North Carolina

RT. Rev. A.M. Randolph, William and Mary 1855, Bishop of Virginia

Rev. Franklin Clark Fry, Hamilton 1921, President of the Lutheran Church of America

RT. Rev. Robert C. Rusack, Hobart 1947, Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles