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Isaac M. Jordan, one of the seven founders of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, presented the Jordan Standard to the fraternity as a set of guidelines for all Brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity to follow. Although the Standard was presented over 150 years ago, it is still very much alive today and plays a major role in how the Brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity select future brothers. 
Recruiting process

           As with most fraternities, before pledging begins, the potential pledge must go through the rush process. Each chapter holds rush events during the period, usually within a week's time. During this period each chapter will hold a bid meeting to discuss each potential member. To gain a bid from Sigma Chi the student must meet the qualifications as defined by the Jordan Standard. When a potential pledge receives a bid they have a choice to accept or decline. If the bid is accepted they will enter into pledgeship and become a potential member.


          Pledgeship is a probationary period for potential members before they are fully initiated into Sigma Chi. The pledge period differs in length from chapter to chapter but eight weeks is the recommended length by Headquarters. The pledge period consists of intellectual exercises to cultivate potential members into becoming brothers; this includes learning the history of Sigma Chi, the operational workings of Sigma Chi, leadership skills, and allows the potential members to become an integral part of the chapter before initiation. 

         Many aspects of the pledge program differ for each chapter, being set by that chapter under the direction of the Magister, though a large degree of continuity between chapters and "pledge classes" is maintained. All potential members in Sigma Chi are given a pledge pin and a Norman Shield. The pledge pin is a blue Norman Shield bearing the White Cross of Sigma Chi outlined in old gold.


          On January 31, 2005 Sigma Chi announced a zero-tolerance stance on the issue of hazing. Sigma Chi defines hazing as "an act performed by any Sigma Chi or pledge member that results in an environment of servitude or in any way endangers or demeans a Sigma Chi or pledge member, regardless of that person's willingness to participate in that act."

          Here at Wabash College, Sigma Chi has played an important role in the life of the College, and the community around it. If you would like to learn more about Sigma Chi and Its legacy here on the Wabash Campus we encourage you to contact one of our three rush chairs. And we hope that you come visit the house anytime when you are on campus. If you have any questions please email our rush chairs (listed below).
Joe Walters President