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On June 1st 1866, 17 young men began a brotherhood that has lasted for almost 150 years. The brothers of Psi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta would like you to see if you too fit within this sacred and powerful bond.

Psi Chapter continually seeks out men who can help Psi grow, and in doing so will grow themselves and strengthen our brotherhood.  We look for men who exemplify the five points of the star of Phi Gamma Delta: Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence and have the potential to do so much more.


College is about making new friendships and connections, and we at Psi treasure these bonds. Joining Phi Gamma Delta will bring you into a brotherhood “not for college days alone,” and bring you closer than you ever have been with a group of men. Whether it’s going to a Pacers game as a house, cheering on our brothers at Intramurals, tailgating for the Monon Bell game, networking with our graduate brothers, our annual Fiji Islander party, our semester formals, or simply hanging out at the house; we foster a brotherhood that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Wabash men push themselves to succeed academically, but none so more than Psi Chapter.  While college is about making memories, it’s also about opening your mind and expanding your horizons.  Psi has built a legacy of 50 years above the All-Male Average and as the top campus GPA for the past 6 years.   When one of us begins to falter or struggle, we help each other overcome the difficulties, and get back on the right track. With a system of productive hours all the brothers follow, in-house tutoring, and a great relationship with our faculty (including two initiated brothers among the Faculty) Psi will help you ease into the transition to college and allow you to excel.


The men of Psi are constantly striving to improve the world around us. Sometimes at Wabash it is easy to think we exist in a bubble. But while we consider ourselves blessed, not everyone is so lucky. In that light, Psi engages in various service projects that both build our brotherhood and help others. Working with our national partners the Red Cross and the USO we seek to improve the spirits and lives of disaster victims around the world and our Wounded Warriors and our deployed troops. While we might lack the large philanthropy projects you will find at larger schools, know that if you come to Psi you will improve the world by the time you leave us.


At Wabash we have the Gentleman’s Rule, and the men of Phi Gamma Delta are proud that our own values incorporate the same values and help inculcate a culture of morality within the walls of our chapter house. We seek to live our lives as gentlemen, but we know that none of us our perfect and that we will struggle and falter.  The beauty of our brotherhood is that we can work through these struggles together and that none of us will ever be alone. Choosing to go to Wabash is not the easy path, but joining Psi will make it easier.


The men of Psi approach every day, and every opportunity to maximize our potential and our impact. When we commit to an activity, we do it with the intention of doing it to the best of our collective abilities, and pushing each other to go beyond our limits. While we believe that awards and recognition are not necessarily the signs of success, we are proud to have won 3 of the past 5 Homecoming Week competitions (placing second in the remaining two), the past 5 Alma Mater song competitions, placing second in campus Intramurals the past three years, Top Campus GPA for the past 6 years, and having 13 of the 25 Wabash Trustees be Phi Gam men. While you will be pushed to excel in your time here, as our Trustees and young and old graduate brothers alike will attest to, that push to excel is lifetime effect of joining the men of Phi Gamma Delta.

Interesting in joining or finding out more?

If what you have just read interests you or you just want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always excited and ready to discuss our brotherhood with potential Phi Gams.  Any of the individuals would be happy to discuss with you or your parents and comments, questions, or concerns:


Timothy Haffner ’16 ( or 260-437-8559)

Corresponding Secretary

Benjamin Wade ’17 ( or 317-775-1682)

Rush Chair

Griffin Levy ’17 ( or 513-374-0241)