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Brandon Wongngamnit '16
Newburgh, Indiana
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology and Spanish
Plans to attend med school upon graduation at Wabash. Current member of Venture Crew 1832, Dork Club, Pre-Health Society, Swords and Foils Clubs, Chemistry Club and the Extreme Sports Club.
  Buddy Lobermann '17
Los Angeles, CA
Major: Political Science/Philosophy
Is a member of the Wabash Glee Club, and represents TKE in the Student Senate. Enjoys cooking breakfast and asking questions.
Dan Bajo '16
House Manager
Metkovic, Croatia/ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: Physics
Minor: Undecided
Planning to enter the automotive industry or become a home developer.
  Jordan Culp '16

Major: Biology and Mathematics
Would like to become an orthopedic surgeon and own his own businesses.
Cameron Brown '17
IM Chair

Major: Chemistry and Biology
Minor: Mathematics
Plans on being involved in the Adventure Club and the Chemistry Club. He also enjoys rock-climbing.
  Ben Cramer '17

Major: English
Minor: Rhetoric and Political Science
Plans on being involved in the Theater Department at Wabash along with the Commentary. He can also whistle and hum at the same time.
Mason Keller '17
Greenfield, IN
Major: Math
Minor: Physics or Chemistry
Currently serving as the Hypophetes.
  Jared Staudenmeier '17
Pledge Educator
Clarksville, TN
Major: Bio-Chem
Minor: Unknown
Plans on joining the Dork Club
Adrian Cavada II '18
Corresponding Secretary
Phoenix, AZ
Major: Physics
Minor: Spanish and Math
Likes being physically active, specifically boxing. Is an eagle Scout and enjoys giving back to his community.
  Omar Chavez '18
Recording Secretary
Anaheim, CA
Major: Math
Minor: Computer Science
Participates in Track and Field.
Carlos Rios '18
Risk Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Major: Physics
Minor: Undecided
Likes cycling, soccer, and robotics.

Zachary Canon '16
Brookhaven, Mississippi
Major: Theatre
Minor: Psychology
Plans on entering the film industry as an actor. Currently studying abroad in England.
  Noah Eppler '16
Evansville, Indiana
Major: Theatre and English
Minor: History
He would like to revolutionize human thought and write history through his work.
Joel Guevara '16
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: Undecided
Interested in Soccer. Planning to build his own house in Mexico and travel the world.
  Shariff Harrison '16
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: Psychology
Minor: Art/English
Plans to become a Psychiatrist or start a career involving digital marketing/recruiting. Currently a member of Unidos Por Sangre, Muslim Student Association, African Student Association, and IFC. Also a current athlete of the Wabash track team.
Erik Kile '16

  Tucker Mark '16
Lebanon, Indiana
Major: English and Theatre
No current interests.
Jim Schafer '16
Muncie, Indiana
Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
Gym plans to be a veterinarian after graduating college. He is currently a member of the football team, Biology Society and the Astronomy Club.
  Donovan Whitney '16
Indianapolis, Indiana
Major: Political Science
Minor: English and Philosophy
Plans on becoming a state or federal legislator.
Jason Wright '16
Muncie, Indiana
Major: Psychology
Minor: Philosophy
Jason is a black belt in a little known branch of Korean martial arts.

Abel Becker '17
Bedford, IN
Major: Fine Arts
Minor: Spanish
He is currently a member of the Wabash Soccer team and also enjoys photography.
  Alex Leer '17
Arcadia, IN
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Swam in High School
Dan McCarthy '17
Twin Falls, ID
Major: Theater
Minor: Undecided
I'm crazy.
  Daniel Salzgeber '17
Berea, OH
Major: Economy
Minor: Religion
Plans on being involved in the Investment Club, Cigar & Pipe Club, and the Orchestra. He also enjoys long walks on the beach in the arms of more than one woman. After Wabash, he plans on working in Political Communications or Real-Estate Development.
Jacob Van Wassenhove '17
Indianapolis, IN
Major: History
Minor: Education and Economy
Plans on being a member of the Dork Club, Brass Ensemble, Jazz band, and Orchestra. He also enjoys playing Soccer and video games. After Wabash, he plans on becoming a History Professor.
  Rory Willats '17
Columbus, OH
Major: Theater and Psychology
Minor: Math
He has been involved in theater while in high school and will continue while at Wabash.

Zachary Anderson '18
St. Paul, Minnesota
Major: Theater and Religion
A lover of Theatre and a desire to learn more about religion. Happy to be at Wabash.
  Jesse Arzola '18
Dallas, TX
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Psychology
Mixed Martial Arts fighter and graffiti artist.
Devin Atkins '18
Indianapolis, IN
Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics
Enjoys watching anime and going on runs.
  Oscar Chavez '18
Anaheim, CA
Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics
Personal interests include Track and Field, as well as volunteer work and Ultimate Frisbee.
Patrick Connors '18
South Bend, IN
Major: English
Minor: History and Religion
Plays football at Wabash, but also enjoys basketball.
  Nathan Lewis-Cole '18
Terre Haute, IN
Major: Chemistry and Theater
Has two moms, loves long walks on the beach, and wants to be a sports medicine doctor.
Erik Martinez '18
Chicago, IL
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Undecided
Enjoys cycling, playing soccer, and hanging out with his pledge brothers.
  Tyler Mix '18
West Terre Haute, IN
Major: Physics
Minor: Math and History
Likes reviewing movies and video games, as well as playing basketball and League of Legends. Also enjoys rock music.
Henry Swift '18
Crawfordsville, IN
Major: Physics
Minor: Math and Theater
Plays the saxophone.
  Alex Warford '18
Greenwood, IN
Major: Undecided
Minor: Undecided
Loves long walks on the beach and power naps.
Brett Wyatt '18
La Fontaine, IN
Major: Undecided
Minor: Undecided
Is a member of the Little Giants football team.