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Bryce Kilian '16
Huntingburg, IN
Major: Economics
Minor: History
Pursuing a career in finance or accounting. Enjoys playing golf and swimming.
  Brian Wittman '16
Evansville, IN
Major: English
Minor: Biology

Matt Bupp '15
Social Chair
Crawfordsville, IN
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Math

  Frederick Coutchie '15
Philanthropy Chair
Grand Rapids, MI
Major: Economics and French
Aspires to sit across the bridge table from Warren Buffet.
Joe Sukup '15
IM Chair
Grand Rapids, MI
Major: Spanish
Minor: German
Joe is an aspiring polyglot and plans on working with international businesses. In his later years, he plans on opening a chain of SCUBA shops around the world. He is involved with several clubs around campus and is currently Founder and President of the Paintball Club and a member of Track and Field team.
  James Fritz '16
Roselawn, IN
Major: Political Science
Minor: German
Member of German club, Archery club, and Parliamentary Union. Intend to go on to law school, and have interests in cars, music, and the contemplation in the futility of life.
Adam Wadlington '16
Social Chair
Indianapolis, IN
Major: Physics
Minor: Math
Part of he Wabash Track team and plan on going to Purdue after graduating from Wabash's pre-engineering program.
  Beidou Cheng '17
Philanthropy Chair
Nanjing, China
Major: Chemistry

Dylan Mayer '17
Corresponding Secretary
Major: Psychology

  Daniel Miller '17
Senate Representative
Akron, IN
Major: History
Minor: Religion
Involved in paintball club
Jacob Ferguson '18
Rush Chair

Major: Economics

  Levi Garrison '18
Frankton, IN
Major: Political Science/Economics
Minor: Studio Art
One day you will see me sitting on Capitol Hill as Congressmen. I like taking photos and stuff. Always looking for a good place to hang my hammock because I sold my bed; remember if every pork chop was perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs.
Collin Graber '18
Social Chair

Major: Biochemistry

  Mason Hooper '18
House Manager

Samuel Surgalski '18
Recording Secretary

  Graham Redweik '16
Scholarship Chair
Twelve Mile, IN
Major: Psychology
Minor: Chemistry
Wabash Track and Field

Zach Boston '15
Elwood, IN
Major: Psychology
Minor: Religion
Future Aspirations: Medical school or Political office. Hobbies:Politics, football, baseball, soccer, video games, classical music.
  John Burns '15
Lizton, IN
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Asian Studies

Corey Egler '15
Huntingburg, IN
Major: Political Science & Theater
Minor: Spanish
Active member of campus clubs, theater, Spanish culture, and a campus photographer. Unsure of what the future may hold but has aspirations of owning a farm, a race team, and a brewery.
  Edward Pingel '15
South Bend,IN
Major: Classics
Minor: Political Science
I plan on going into the Marine Corps as an officer, after which time I plan on continuing my education in grad school studying either classics or international relations

Steven Peters '16
Roselawn, IN
Major: Classics
Minor: German
Wants to be a homeless man when he is older, traipsing around the country and the world, getting into all sorts of homeless adventures. When he is old and his hairs is white he will tell his stories to people around his homeless campfire, eventually having his life made into a movie starring Liam Hemsworth.
  Brent Poling '16
Greenfield, IN
Major: Biology
Minor: Classics
Pre-Med Society

Taner Kiral '17
Bellevue, WA
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physics
Aspires to become an industrial engineer or computer engineer and travel Europe and Asia. Member of Wabash Physics Journal Club, Wabash Investment Club, Wabash French Club, and Wabash Rugby Club.

Lucas Holstine '18
Plainville, IN
Major: Financial Economics
Minor: Political Science
I am active in the music department, playing tuba in both brass ensemble and chamber orchestra, while also participating in investment club. Long term, I would like to start my own business or hold a finance manager position at a job outside of Indiana.
  Daniel Kimball '18