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Canvas at Wabash

Need help finding your new semester courses? Click here to learn how to update your dashboard for the new semester.

The new website for Canvas is Canvas.Wabash.Edu .

Canvas is now available on Atomic Learning! Instructor or Student learning modules.

Default notification settings in Canvas.

Canvas releases updates every 3 weeks. Check back here for the latest information.

Below are some videos that explain how to use some of the popular features within Canvas.

These are some of the great functions within Canvas. To view the instructors guide, please click here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrew Taylor ( ext 6174

Instructors Quick Start Cheat Sheet

I am happy to help you with the setup & design of your course(s) in Canvas. Please feel free to contact me for 1-on-1 instruction. We will have group training available with trainer(s) from Canvas. I will share training schedules as soon as they are available. 

I asked a couple of the faculty who piloted Canvas if they would provide me with their *top 10 list from Canvas. 

Eric Olofson's top 10

  1. SpeedGrader: I was able to comment on assignments (like you can do with Adobe Acrobat) and, on the same page, enter a grade for the assignment that would be automatically updated in the grade book.
  2. Home page customization: I was able to configure my course home page to be a grid of the course schedule with clickable links to readings, assignments, and lecture materials.
  3. Drag-and-drop file management.
  4. Student communication: I told students that if they did not check email daily to configure their profiles to receive text or facebook messages whenever I emailed them. I did not have one instance of students complaining about not getting a critical email.
  5. Peer review: I uploaded a rubric for peer review on papers, and Canvas took care of matching students (although I could have manually assigned review partners if I wanted), giving them access to the rubric while reviewing their peer's paper, and allowing me to see the reviews.
  6. Grade book weighting: Weighting grade components was incredibly easy (unlike Moodle!)
  7. Student group work: Students were easily able to use Canvas to communicate and share files with group members, and one student even used the Announcements feature to organize exam study groups.
  8. File preview: Canvas can display files without you having to download them first.
  9. Calendar: The calendar displayed all of my assignments and grading to-dos in it, which enabled me to organize my assignments so that I staggered my grading across the semester. 
  10. Grading to-dos: At any time, you can click a link at the top of any page and it will give you easy access to any assignment you have not yet graded. 

Lon Porter's top 10

  1. Super-efficient/easy file uploading!  Simple click and drag uploading of files removes the needless amount of clicking to upload files in Moodle.
  2. Living syllabus home pages.  Canvas allows you to set the course homepage to resemble the class syllabus.  It can be updated as changes are made.
  3. Effective hyperlinking.  PDF files, YouTube videos, etc. may be easily hyperlinked to course homepage.
  4. Student gradebook projections.  Students can estimate their end-of-semester grades by filling in potential grades for future assignments.
  5. Electronic file compatibility!  Student uploads are converted into a universal file format that can be viewed on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
  6. Student paper assignment grading w/comments.  It is super easy to mark up and comment on student papers.
  7. Paperless assignment revisions.  No more wasteful paper hard copies!  Revision/feedback is much easier.
  8. Video/audio messaging.  Sending messages in a video or audio format to students is simple and effective.
  9. Customizable gradebook.  The gradebook is easy to setup and tailor to specific classes.
  10. Data is stored in the Cloud and updated in real time!  No more Moodle timeouts/bug that cause you to reenter grades.
  11. *full version of Canvas should allow us to have more detailed analytics of student use of course pages.

( & yes the full-version does!)


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