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Knowledge base

Compress media files in powerpoint 
Transfer iTunes Music to New Computer 
Software - Datatel
AWDR: Award Register warning report explanation 
Create savedlist for ARSP from STUDENTS id 
Datatel "application is forced to exit" error message 
Datatel FTP Error Message Box 
Datatel users - first time login issue 
Download "Census" grading to spreadsheet 
How do I change my Datatel password? 
How to change a loan application ID on LAPP 
How to create savedlist of COURSE.SECTIONS from STUDENTS file 
How to find paragraphs in VOC that are not on a Xmenu 
How to find students coded "A" on ARAC but are not pre/registered 
How to move an employee from incorrect CORP id to another 
Improperly setup user - cannot login to CAConv3 
Loan Reject Code 117 - How to fix 
Print Now icon not showing 
Queries for ENT address 
Select Applicants missing 1 or more documents on ANWABAPP 
What does XAT count? Codes or People? 
Where are Major Prospect tracks setup? 
Software - Mac Misc
Selective Screen Capture on a Mac 
Software - Webmail
Forward your email  
Software - Email - General
Email Client Settings 
Software - Outlook Web Access
Email file size limits 
How can I change the location of the message preview pane? 
I get an error whenever I try to send a message to multiple recipients. Why? 
Out of Office Notice in OWA 2010 
Turning On/Off Conversation Mode in Outlook Web Access 
Software - Outlook
Auto Complete isn't working in Outlook 
Junk Email Settings in Outlook 
Outlook 2013 Quick Start Guide 
Outlook Default Email 
Repairing Hyperlinks in Outlook  
Repairing Outlook 2007 Data File Errors 
Scanned documents not delivered to inbox 
I keep getting unwanted pop-ups 
Websites will not load in IE 9 
Website - Self-Service
Known issues with Ask Wally (aka WebAdvisor 3.0) 
Website - People Finder
For Faculty/Staff: How to Update Information for the Online Directory 
For Students: How to Update Information for the Online Student Directory 
Website - Informer
Display Yes or No Instead of 1 or 0 
ID Cards 
Where do I check out a camera for my project? 
Equipment - Phones
Making a Conference Call 
Network drives missing? 
No internet service in houses with SBC DSL 
Network - Email/Access/Passwords
How to connect a desktop mail client (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird) to Wabash 
Network - Exchange/Outlook Email Upgrade
How do I create a local copy of an email folder? 
How do I forward all of my email to another email account? 
Educational Technology
Can I get a CD or DVD at the Media Center? 
Can I print a label on the CD/DVD’s that I create? 
Can I use these computers to create personal CD/DVD’s? 
How can I record my own Audio for my project? 
How much Video can I get on a DVD? 
Printing Labels on CD/DVD’s 
What kind of CD/DVD’s does the Media Center have? 
What type of CD’s or DVD’s work on these computers? 
Where do I get a new or replacement ID Card? 
Where should I buy CD’s or DVD’s 
Educational Technology - Graphic Design Web
Can I get my project laminated?