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Virus Information | IT Services

Virus Alerts

Information Technology Services actively monitors virus activity on the Internet, and will inform the College community whenever a virus poses a threat to campus users. Note that most viruses will not fall into this category.

If you receive a virus alert or warning that you are concerned about, please forward it to the Help Desk ( You should not forward any virus warnings of any kind to anyone other than the Help Desk. It doesn't matter if the virus warnings have come from an anti-virus vendor or been confirmed by any large computer company or your best friend. All virus warnings should be sent to the Help Desk, and the Help Desk alone. It is Computer Service's job to send round all virus warnings, and a virus warning that comes from any other source should be ignored.

Virus Hoaxes

Virus hoaxes are false reports about non-existent viruses, often claiming to do impossible things. If you receive an email ordering you to pass the notice on to everyone you know, delete files from your computer, or hoarde water and hide under your desk until the threat passes, it is almost certainly a hoax. This web page lists the most common hoaxes currently in circulation. If you receive an alert that you are concerned about, please forward it to the Help Desk (

Windows Update

Many modern viruses spread by exploiting known vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. You should make sure your system is fully patched to protect against these problems. To update your system, go to Microsoft's Windows Update site.