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Knowledge Base - How to move an employee from incorrect CORP id to another
by Alice Moore
11/14/2005 (Software)

This example explains how to move employees from once corporation id to another when they have been added incorrectly.  This example uses id C0172336 as the incorrect id and C011613 as the correct id.

  • First, go to EMP screen and call up the person and enter former corp id 172336 as if you were employing them, then go to field 19 and enter status of CO, then UPDATE.
  • Call the person back up on EMP and enter the correct  id 11613.  You will be taken to an address resolution screen.  You may notice several addresses, if you find one that corresponds with the person you are "employing" then you can pick it, otherwise, just pick the first address.  When you are taken back to the EMP screen, you can type in their Title if known, then UPDATE.  You may be prompted "Is this a job change?"  Answer No.

The person will now be employed by id 11613 and removed from 172336.  If the person was a former employee on the incorrect ID, jroceed with the following steps:

  • Call the person up on EMP.  if you get an address resolution screen, pick the one that corresponds to the correct position.
  • If you know their ending date of employment, enter it in field 18 and the status should change to 'F'ormer., then UPDATE                            
  • If you don't know their ending date of employment just go to field 19 and enter F , then UPDATE