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Knowledge Base - Known issues with Ask Wally (aka WebAdvisor 3.0)
by Kathy Tymoczko
10/12/2005 (Website)

If you're having problems with Ask Wally, below is some information that may help:
  • You must now log in before you can see the menu of items to which you have access. The "log in" button is on the upper right side of the initial "Ask Wally" page
  • If you first click the "Prospective Students" button and then click "Log in" and log in, you will get an error message that says "Guests cannot execute a CORE-WBAP transaction." Go back to the main menu and log in from there.
  • Bookmarks or "favorites" that used to take you to a specific "Ask Wally" page no longer work, since you must first be logged in. There are links to the "Ask Wally" main page in Blackboard and on the "Academics", "Current Students", and "Faculty & Staff" pages on the Wabash website, or you can create a new bookmark or favorite which points to . This link will take you to the initial "Ask Wally" page.
  • To increase the font size, go to the "View" drop-down menu in your browser and choose the "Text Size" or "Text Zoom" option and then select a larger font option
  • Versions of Netscape earlier than 7.0 on PCs and Internet Explorer on Macs no longer work with Ask Wally. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox on PCs and Safari or Firefox on Macs.
  • If you get the "Ask Wally is currently unavailable" message after logging in, it means you have had too many failed login attempts and your record in the DMIUSERS file needs to be reset. Please contact the ITS Help Desk if this is happening to you.
  • If none of the above is helpful, please contact the ITS Help Desk at x6400 or by sending e-mail to