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Knowledge Base - How can I change the location of the message preview pane?
by Brad Weaver
03/13/2009 (Software)

By default, the Outlook Web Access premium client shows your folders in the left pane, a list of messages in that folder in the center pane, and a preview of the selected message in a right pane.  You can hide the preview pane, or make it appear on right (default) or below your message list.

To change the location of the preview pane, click the preview pane button in the Outlook Web Access task bar (highlighed below with a red arrow):

 Select "Right", "Bottom", or "Off" to change the location.

A common related task is to change the formatting of the message list.  By default, message information is displayed on two lines, which works best when the preview pane is on the right.  But if you turn off the preview pane or move it to the bottom of the screen, you will see more of your messages if you switch from "Two-line View" to simply "Messages".  This is marked in the image above with the yellow arrow.