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Knowledge Base - How do I create a local copy of an email folder?
by Brad Weaver
03/06/2009 (Network)

During the mail upgrade, it will take approximately 48 hours to move all email messages from the old mail server to the new one, and convert the mailboxes to the format used by the new server software.  All messages should be available by mid-day Wednesday, March 11.  If you need access to old messages during this migration time, you can create local copies using most email client programs.  Please note the following:

1. Webmail does not have the ability to create local folders.  You need to use a desktop email client such as Thunderbird or Mac Mail.  You can find instructions for setting up an email client such as Thunderbird here.

2. Local folders are only accessible on the computers they are created; you will not be able to access those through Webmail, or from another computer.

3. When creating local folders, follow the instructions carefully to COPY email to the local folder, rather than MOVE the email to the local folder.  If you move it, it will be removed from the mail server and will NOT be migrated to the new system.

Instructions for specific email clients are listed below.  If you use another email client, the process is likely similar, so you can review these instructions and try similar steps in your program.  If you need help, contact the Help Desk.

Thunderbird (Windows)
Thunderbird (MacOS)
Mac Mail (MacOS)
Eudora (Windows)