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Knowledge Base - For Students: How to Update Information for the Online Student Directory
by Monica Brainard
11/04/2008 (Website)

To update your cell phone number and other information for the Online Student Directory:

Click on People Finder (

On the left menu, you should see a link to “Log In”.

Once you have logged in, you should see, “Hi Wally. Click here to update your directory information.”

(*There will also be a new link, “My Info” on the left menu. “My Info” will take you to the same page, as the link above, allowing you to enter updates.)


You will arrive at the “Student Directory – Modify My Information” page.

Please check to make sure we have your Emergency phone number entered correctly.  If not, please update that.

Below the Emergency phone number section, you have options to update more types of contact information and select the privacy settings for each.

Privacy Options:

·         Public -- visible to anyone searching the directory, both on and off campus

·         Wabash-only -- visible to anyone on the Wabash network, and to Wabash people who are off campus but who have logged in to the directory

·         Private -- store in directory but do not display to anyone

Once you have completed updating your information, scroll down and click on the “Update My Information” button.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk (Email:, or Phone: (765) 361-6400). Thank you.