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Knowledge Base - How to create savedlist of COURSE.SECTIONS from STUDENTS file
by Alice Moore
10/14/2008 (Software)

This morning when you were here you said the reason the saved list we used in GROS would not work is because it came from students and GROS is looking for a savedlist from COURSE.SECTIONS

QUESTION: How do you (or can you) save a  list from students into COURSE.SECTIONS?

ANSWER: This example will assume you have preselected the students from STUDENTS file:

GET.LIST AM.MYFALL08 SELECT STUDENTS WITH STU.CLASS EQ 'FR' SELECT STUDENTS SAVING UNIQUE W04.STU.CRS.SEC.KEYS SELECT STUDENT.COURSE.SEC SAVING UNIQUE SCS.COURSE.SECTION SAVE.LIST REG.CRSSEC REG.CRSSEC is the savedlist to use in GROS. You will still want to enter the term and possibly additional selection criteria that you normally do.