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Cost and Finances

There are many types of scholarships for Off-Campus Study (OCS) students, and, in some cases, your Wabash College Financial Aid package may also apply. Specific details of the support depend on the type of OCS program a student is considering. Below is a brief summary of these details. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Weir or the Business Office for more details. 

Semester-Long Programs Summer Programs Immersion Courses
Fees Students will be billed Wabash tuition and the $1,000 Off-Campus Study Fee. The study abroad provider will bill the student directly for room and board. Students are responsible for paying the costs related their summer OCS programs, and costs can vary widely by program. Students are billed their usual Wabash tuition and fees. For the Immersion Course itself, they are expected to pay only for their personal expenses and potentially a small downpayment, generally around $250.
Financial Aid Your Wabash and federal Financial Aid packages apply during a full semester of OCS. However, since students are not on campus, any WISE allotment for that semester does not apply. Neither federal nor Wabash Financial Aid is available for summer programs. The entire cost to the trip is subsidized by the College.
Scholarships Wabash College offers one scholarship for students who are studying abroad in Europe for a full semester.  Click here to read more about the Givens Endowed Scholarship. Wabash offers the Rudolph Scholarship and the Dill Fund to help support summer programs. These are competitive, merit-based scholarships and students must apply in advance. Due to their affordability, Immersion Courses are popular on campus, and students must submit an application to receive the professor's permission to participate in the course.

There are also many national scholarship and program-specific funding available from the off-campus study program provider that can help to support students' OCS programs. Please contact Ms. Susan Albrecht for more details on national scholarships and contact your specific program provider to learn more about their scholarships.