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Summer Programs

Summer is a great time for studying abroad or studying off campus!

There are a host of different types of programs for students during the summer, and the cost and timing of the programs is quite flexible. Here are some examples of summer programs Wabash College students have participated in during recent summers:

  • Goethe Institut
  • Arcadia University Summer Program in Cuba
  • DC Internships Program
  • Child & Family Health International in South Africa

Summer programs are particularly recommended for students whose course sequencing or athletic involvement during the semester do not allow them to participate in semester-long, off-campus study programs. Since summer programs often involve working or internship experience alongside academic study, students who are interested in having a working experience abroad are also encouraged to participate in summer off-campus study programs.

However, it should be noted that internship credits earned during summer programs are usually not counted towards your graduation criteria, thus students should check with Ms. Amy Weir and the relevant academic department before pursuing an internship summer program or a working abroad summer program.

Since Wabash College financial aid is only applicable during fall and spring semesters, students are primarily responsible for funding their study during the summer. Fortunately, Wabash College does offer the Dill Fund and Rudolph Scholarship specifically to support students who wish to participate in summer programs.

Each academic year in the late fall and in early spring, Amy Weir hosts Summer Off-Campus Study Information Sessions for interested students. Please watch your email for the announcements!