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Immersion Courses

Wabash offers a variety of different courses each year which feature a required travel component. These courses have focuses ranging from Ancient Rome to the Vietnam War. Students are required to enroll in the semester-long course in order to participate in the travel component.

Before the registration period ends the semester prior, the faculty members leading each immersion course will send to all students the description of the immersion courses, along with instructions on how students can apply for the immersion course that interests them. Students interested in participating in an immersion course should look out for these emails from the faculty and apply accordingly.

Also, there's a link on the Registrar's Homepage to listings of Immersion Courses that will be offered in the coming semester -- this is another convenient way to see what courses will be offered with a travel component.

Recent students' experiences in Immersion Courses may be found here. Recent Immersion courses offered at Wabash include:

  • HIS 300 “Lessons and Legacies of War: Vietnam”
  • GER-202 “German Language & Culture”
  • THE-303 “A Study in Czech Puppetrya”
  • PSC-322 “Politics of the EU”
  • MUS 204 “African American Music”
  • PSC 210 “Politics of the Civil Rights Movement"

The cost of the immersion travel component is heavily subsidized by the College. Students must cover the cost of their own passports, and they are often expected to pay for their meals.

Students went farming in the Vietnam Immersion Trip

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