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How to Choose a Program?

Wabash College offers 3 different types of Off-Campus Study (OCS), including domestic and international programs, tailored for students' personal schedules, diversified interests, and confidence levels. Students interested in Off-Campus Study should look thoroughly through the options listed below and choose one most appropriate for them. Also, below the chart, check out the video guide Dr. Hartnett and Ms. Weir made on choosing a program that best suits you.

If you wish to clarify details or need more advice, please contact Ms. Amy Weir at the International Center.

Type Immersion Course Summer Study Semester Study
Duration Brief duration (typically 10-12 days) 1-12 weeks of study A full semester (generally 15 weeks)
Provider Led by Wabash faculty Through a provider Through a provider
Location Domestic and international locations Domestic and international locations Domestic and international locations
Internship Availability None Potential internship Potential internship or field study
Funding Most of the expense for immersion trips is covered by the College. Students are only expected to pay for their personal spending. Self-funding, Dill Grant, and Rudolph Scholarship Your Wabash College financial package will go with you. Some students may be eligible to apply for the Givens Endowed Scholarship.