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Alumni Voices

Chapel Talks
The College's weekly Chapel Talk is a great way to stay connected to campus. Faculty, alumni, staff, and others take the Chapel podium each Thursday during the school year to share ideas, thoughts, and personal experiences with the Wabash Community. Go to the College's YouTube page to see Chapel Talks.

Faculty & Staff blogs

See Faculty & Staff Personal Interest Blogs here.

Student & Campus Blogs

Click here for student blogs, immersion learning, study abroad, and academic blogs.

Wabash men always have something to say and they often publish the words for the world to see. In our world of instant communication and social media, blogging has become a national rage. Wabash men maintain blogs for their businesses and personal interests.

Wabash Alumni Blogs

The Scarlett Banner
Class of 2008
Frequently updated blog by three members of the Class of 2008

ohfivewallies, Class of 2005
"Ruff & Dinger" keep members of the Class of 2005 updated on class news and events at Wabash

The Gentlemen of '62
A continuing source of information concerning happenings at Wabash and the lives of our classmates of '62.

The Law & Legal Issues

Scott Medsker '03 - The Law & Legal Issues
News, updates, and brief analysis on labor issues and the NLRB from the perspective of management-side counsel.

Internet Cases
Evan Brown '97
A blog that tracks legal issues concerning the use of technology.

School Counsel
Seamus Boyce '03
Periodic comments from a practicing lawyer on cases, laws, and legal topics related to schools, students, teachers, administrators, etc.

Religion & Philanthropy

Climbing for Charity
Carl Drew '98
This blog follows Carl's climbs and the charities that benefit from his efforts.

Blog of Dormition
John R.P. Russell '03
This blog offers writings on a variety of religious topics from an Eastern Catholic perspective.


Render Plus Blog
Al Hart '69
Render Plus Systems Blog - Tools to Enhance Google Sketch-Up

Marketing and Communications

Hawthorne Publishing
Art Baxter '56
 "Did Wabash College really send 500 men to the Civil War?"

C3 Communications
John Cunningham '78
A blog on communications and marketing for lawyers and other professional service providers

Health Care

David's Home Now
David F. Thomas, M.D. '55
Articles sharing my thoughts on medical care as a retired surgeon


Cruise Aboard Kelly IV, Trip Logs
Allen Murphy '76
Kelly IV is a small sailboat that cruised over 2500nm summer 2011 across Great Lakes Erie and Ontario, down the length of the St. Lawrence River through Montreal and Quebec, along Nova Scotia's Atlantic coast, crossed the Bay of Fundy, and dodged Tropical Storm Irene in New England. 

Don't Go To Canuckistan
Powers Tilden '01
My Travel/Adventure Web Blog

Education, Research

Art Diamond
Art Diamond '74
The blog highlights evidence and examples related mainly to economic policy, but also to history, philosophy, psychology and science.

Lifestyle, Personal Blogs & Oddities

Phil Eubanks '06
What began as a record of a Peace Corps experience in Morocco has evolved into a collection of essays, poems, prose, and more.

In Deference To My Idols
Lonnie Dusch '96
My blog is my thoughts, my fun, my interests, my happenings-upon of a midwestern chemistry teacher, comic book reader, and Wabash grad.

Follow Me Gen Y!
Travis Janeway '09
You can control your actions and attitude to impact our nation for the better.

The Grandpa Gazette
George Jones '55
My personal thoughts and observations - mainly about U.S. politics

Boing Boing
Andrea James '89
World's Greatest Neurozine/Directory of Wonderful Things 5

Off-Road Endurance
Scott Gall '96
Lifelong of training and racing off-road, endurance races from trail runs and mountain bikes to even off-road triathlons.

John Kerezy's Blog
John Kerezy '77
John's blog includes comment on journalism, public relations, and events in Cleveland, Oh.

Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Andrew Zimmerman Jones '99
Andrew writes about physics and philanthropy.


Jud Scott Consulting Arborist
Jud Scott
Trees can be your greatest assets or your biggest liability. I try to add a little clarity to life with trees.

Sports, Entertainment & the Arts

Random Access Music
B. Allen Schulz '87
The blog gives information about concerts, events, work, and the music of NYC composers' collective that I founded three years ago.

Eric Stark '88
Choral singing, performances, rehearsals, techniques and discoveries, moderated by Dr. Eric Stark, Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, and Professor of Music at Butler University.

AP Baseball
Aaron Parish '08
Ostensibly about baseball, but it tends to wander.

Strong Football
Curtis Peterson '10
Strong Football covers a wide variety of topics relevant for football coaches, including coaching philosophy, player technique, schemes and strategy.

Alumni News
The alumni blog has been popular since the day Wabash started blogging. There is so much news to be shared about our alumni activity we have two blogs serving Wabash men. Read Alumni Affairs to catch up on promotions and Wabash men in the news.

You can have your blog included by sending an e-mail to Michele Ward. Include your name and Wabash class year, name of blog, URL, and one sentence describing your blog. Also include a passport style headshot for us to include.

Alumni News