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The Gundermans

No one understands the characteristics that make a Wabash man outstanding like another Wabash man. Help us identify young men who have a thirst for learning and a desire for long-term success and let Admissions know about them. Your referral of a prospective Wabash man can waive the application fee and begin a relationship that lasts for decades.

We also invite you to assist at an Admissions event close to you. You’ll work beside our staff of professionals and all you need to do is tell your Wabash story. 

As a volunteer, you'll also have opportunities to assist young men through the Admissions cycle. They are bombarded with information and your impact, as a Wabash alumnus, could make a difference in offering clarity. 

Consider how you might discover and present new opportunities for Wabash men. Inform Career Services of job openings, internships, and externships that would enhance opportunities available to them. Don’t limit your search to entry-level options – alumni are always looking for captivating opportunities and you can be a source for career advancement.

Alumni & Affinity Group Engagement

Hays Alumni Center
P.0. Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN 47933-0352

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