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Regional Groups | Alumni

Wabash College Regional Groups. Covering many of the largest alumni populated cities throughout the country, the College’s regional clubs bring the life of the College to their local area, wherever that might be. Each group has a governing board of directors charged with fulfilling the mission of the club by creating engagement opportunities for the local Wabash community. In addition to the official regional clubs listed below, we have other regional areas, with a local leader or two, that offer engagement opportunities as well.  All groups, regardless of their levels of activity and development, receive support from the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Get involved by attending a luncheon, happy hour, dinner, golf outing, or other event sponsored by these groups. To get involved, please contact one of the board members listed under the appropriate club. You can get contact information for any area leader simply by logging into Alumni eServices or by contacting the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. 

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a regional club in your area, contact the Alumni Affairs Office at (765) 361-6360 or via e-mail at

Regional Clubs:

Wabash Club of Arizona
Board of Directors:
Mike Rapier '87 - President
Tony Caldwell '07 - VP
Cal Black '66 - Secretary
Erik Ness '94

Wabash Club of Chicago
George Vinihakis '15 – President

Wabash Club of Cincinnati
Board of Directors:
Mark Sutton '92 - President
Corey Asay '05 - VP
Trenton Brazel '17 - Secretary
Eric Shreve '02

Wabash Club of DFW (Dallas-Ft Worth)
Board of Directors:
Jared Lange ‘08 – President
Logan Kleiman ‘18 – VP
Collin Bell ‘17 – Secretary
Dan Susie ‘68

Wabash Club of Evansville
Board of Directors:
Wayne Hentrup ’84 – President
Todd Glass ’84 – VP
Todd Shellenbarger '87 – Secretary
Conor O'Daniel '93
Kyle Rapp '95
Joe Hisch '02
Brandon Roop '06

Wabash Club of Fort Wayne
Board of Directors:
John Powell ’79 – President
Byron Lamm ’79 – VP
Thomas Rice '06 – Secretary
John Adams '85
Mike Axel '89
Tony Hudson '06
Ben Wagner '02

Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men
Officers: (Click link above for full board)
Jim Dyer ’83 – President
Mike Simmons ’88 - VP
Bill Goff ’05 - Treasurer    
Adam Kirsch ’07 - Secretary
Kyle McClammer ’08 - Immediate Past President

Wabash Club of Metro New York
Board of Directors:
Nnamdi Nwosa '04 - President
Godfred Yemofio '01 - VP
Luke Robbins '11 - Secretary
Greg Jania '93
Hunie Kwon '01

Wabash Club of Northwest Indiana (Lake and Porter counties)
Board of Directors:
Shawn Cox '94 – President
Bill Evans '11 – VP
Kevin Hunt '01 – Secretary
Ron Nichols '64
Matt Vessely '91
Jeff Cunningham '95
Colten Craigin '13
Nick D'Angelo '84
Frank Ruvoli '13

Wabash Club of Michiana (South Bend)
Board of Directors:
Harry Alfrey '64 – President
Jim Abercrombie '02 – VP
Doug Piazza '89 - Secretary
Tom Seroczynski '87
Chad Chester '93
Damon Leichty '94
Casey Shipley '14

Wabash Club of St. Louis
Board of Directors:
Ken Farris '12 – President
Chris Davis '98 – VP
Jim Riddle '86
Will Arvin '08

Wabash Club of the Greater DMV (DC-MD-VA)
Board of Directors:
Peter Wright '81 - President
Corey Egler '15 - VP
Matt Zimmerman '94 – Secretary
Wes Chamblee ’12
Charles Hintz ‘13
Rick Strasser ‘02
Elliot Vice ‘06