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Faculty & Staff Voices

Faculty Research & Personal Interest Blogs

Brainy Gamer
Michael Abbott '85, Prof. of Theater
Brainy Gamer is a blog and podcast devoted to video games and the community of gamers.


Behavior Games
Neil Schmitzer-Torbert, Prof. of Pyschology
The main focus is on describing/promoting video games (for research) that I’ve made, but I’m also adding posts that deal with the intersection of academic research and video games.

Dr. P's Dorky Blog
Lon Porter, Prof. of Chemistry
This is a rather eccentric collection of entries celebrating all things related to the dorky pursuit of tabletop gaming and the all-consuming hobby it supports! It also helps to serve as a scrapbook of gaming goodness and painting projects. You may also catch a glimpse of posts related to my teaching, research, and other hobbies.

Stand and Deliver
Rixa Freeze, Asst. Prof. of English
I reflect on pregnancy, birth, and mothering. My blog includes research updates and analysis, guest posts, personal narratives, academic essays, critiques of North American obstetric practices, links to blogs and news articles, birth stories, and book reviews.

Staff Personal Interest Blogs

Quentin Has Something To Say
Quentin Dodd '94
News and information about my books, photography, and films