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Photo by Howard W. Hewitt
The Great Northwest - Voices and stories gathered during our 10-day trip to visit alumni in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Bob Witherspoon and other Wabash men share their lives' work and accomplishments.

There's Got to be a Better Way
Lee Grogg '68

Managing Creative Minds
Mike Wells '93

Sleepy in Seattle
David Avery '68

Alumni Gallery
Nate Clark '03

A Man's Life: The Unspoken Language of the Eyes
Brian Doyle

WM Online Exclusives
More from the Great Northwest

A Catalyst for Inspiration
Bob Witherspoon '65

Inside the Swoosh
Dan Schenk '95

Marks of Distinction
Bob Chamness '75

Working the Problem
Mike Gallagher '68

Wabash Voices
In God Nothing is Lost
Bill Placher '70
Saluting Eli's Birthday
by Jim Engledow '78
A Certain Silence
by Doug Thorpe
by Donald W. Baker H'57
Mini Easter
by Homer Twigg '08
Coming Back Stronger
by Daniel King '10
Online Extras
Avery '68 Studies Effects of Light
Naugle '98 Embraces Healthcare Work
Nate Clark's Gallery at Hopworks
Her Loyal Sons - Homecoming 2008
Robert Wedgeworth's Inaugural Evans Lecture
Managing Creative Minds
Michael Wells '93
WABASH Day 2008
Read all the Remembrances of Bill Placher '70
Remembrances for Ginny Hays H'98
Read About Professor Eric Olofson's Research
See a Video Clip from Professor Kristen Wilkins Film