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Academic Bulletin Wabash College Athletic Philosophy - 2009-10

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The mission of Wabash College is to achieve “excellence in teaching and learning within a community built on close and caring relationships among students, faculty, and staff.” A Wabash education “encourages young men to adopt a life of intellectual and creative growth, self-awareness, and physical activity.” We believe that physical activity and athletic competition provide balance in the lives of young men engaged in rigorous academic pursuits.

With academic excellence at the core of what we do, Wabash also strives for excellence and broad participation in its intercollegiate athletic programs, intramural competitions, and recreational activities. Our program is designed for the benefit of all our students and for the enjoyment of the entire College community. It is supported by our outstanding athletic facilities and a diversified program of intramural athletics which regularly involve as much as 80 percent of the student body.

While providing opportunities to pursue athletic excellence, our program is also intended to make participation in intercollegiate athletics possible for all who want to experience it. The athletic staff takes special pride in working with goal-oriented young men attracted to the College by the rigor and reputation of its academic program. They are committed to achieving outstanding results while maintaining the quality of the student's academic experience.

Wabash College is a member of the NCAA's Division III and of the North Coast Athletic Conference. We embrace the Division III philosophy of strict amateurism, fair play, and equal opportunity, and we adhere to the letter and spirit of NCAA rules and regulations, including the requirement that financial aid shall be based solely on family financial need and academic merit. The College makes no distinction between athletes and non-athletes in its financial aid programs, and it provides no special treatment, academic or otherwise, for its student athletes. A student's achievement of his academic goals comes first. No classes are missed for athletic practices, and as few classes as possible are missed for scheduled contests. Our primary emphasis is on in-season competition, but exceptional teams and individuals may qualify for post-season play.

Wabash coaches are most interested in the individual student's personal success, both on and off the field. They adhere to a strict code of ethics and emphasize sportsmanship, fairness, openness, and human dignity in their teaching and coaching, as well as in their relationships with the entire student body.

We take pride in Wabash athletic records: 56 undefeated teams since 1866, 41 teams with NCAA top-20 finishes, 115 state championships, 92 All Americans (160 awards in all, with an additional 30 athletes receiving honorable mention), 48 Academic All-Americans (60 citations in all), 16 winners of NCAA post-graduate scholarships. But we value even more the accomplishments of our alumni. We feel most fortunate to have produced doctors, lawyers, and business, professional and community leaders who are strongly committed to the mix of academics and athletics Wabash has always offered.

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