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Academic Bulletin Normal Course Loads - 2009-10

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Normal Course Loads

The Curriculum is limited to courses and half-courses. The usual student program is four, four and one-half, or five courses a semester. (Freshmen are advised to take no more than four and one-half courses a semester.) Students who wish to take six or more courses in a semester must petition the Curriculum Appeals Committee for approval. Full time student status requires a minimum of three courses. Courses taken for credit/no credit and physical education courses do not count in determining full time status. Freshmen wishing to drop to three courses need the approval of both their advisors and the Dean of Students.

Note: If a student’s academic program drops below the minimum full-time load of three course credits, he is classified as a part-time student, is subject to loss of financial aid (e.g., Wabash, State and Federal assistance), and is ineligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics and to enroll in the Wabash Student Health Insurance Plan.

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