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Academic Bulletin Changes in Schedule - 2009-10

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Each semester, during a scheduled pre-registration period, a student must prepare a complete schedule of his studies for the following semester and have it approved by his advisor. Approved course schedules must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office during the pre registration period, noncompliance will result in a $25 late fee. Late fee will only be waived in case of an emergency. Official registration must be confirmed by class attendance on the first two days of the semester or by reporting to the Registrar’s Office on those days.

Full-credit courses may not be added after the seventh class day of the semester. Final date for dropping full courses or declaring Credit/No Credit option is four weeks after the semester begins.

First- and second- half semester courses may not be added beyond the fifth class day after the beginning of the course (A course instructor may stipulate a shorter add period). Final date for dropping first- and second-half semester courses or declaring Credit/No Credit option is two weeks after the beginning of the course.

Dropping a full course after the initial drop/add period: A student may withdraw from a course by the Friday of the second week after mid-semester with a grad of “W” recorded for the course on the permanent academic record. Classes may not be dropped during the remainder of the semester.

Dropping a half-credit course after the withdrawal date (first and second-half semester courses): A withdrawal recorded during weeks three through five will be recorded with a “W” on the permanent academic record. A student may not drop a half semester course during the remainder of the course.

The above procedure requires signatures from both the academic advisor and the course instructor, and submission of a drop/add form through the Registrar’s Office. The transcript entry of “W” holds no value in computing the students GPA.

A student with “extreme extenuating circumstances” may petition the Curriculum Appeals Committee to drop a course without record on the academic transcript. In petitioning for this privilege, the student must obtain the endorsement of his academic advisor and the instructor of the course.

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