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Welcome to Wabash College's server for personal student, faculty, and staff web pages.

Personal web pages are not official Wabash College publications and do not reflect the opinions of the College.

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Creating a Personal Web Page

All Wabash students, faculty, and staff may set up a personal home page on Wabash's personal web page server.

First Things First

  • Contact the Help Desk to request space on the personal web server.
  • Read the Personal Web Page Acceptable Use Policy before customizing your page. This document has important information on setting up your page, so read it carefully.
  • Assess your "web page savvy". If you have already created Web pages for departments or courses, or for other purposes, you should be able to set up your personal page without much difficulty. If you are new to web page development, there are a variety of courses available in Atomic Learning.  Feel free to contact the Help Desk or Media Center for more information or other training options.

Locating Your Web Folder

Your personal web folder is stored on the Caleb.WWW drive (W: for PC users).  Inside Caleb.WWW is a folder called persweb. Inside persweb you will see a folder facstaff or student, inside which is your personal web folder. Your folder may contain a sample home page; if so, it will be called home.htm.

If you have trouble locating your sample home page, contact Computer Services for assistance.

Creating Your Home Page

Once you have located your web page folder, you can create (or modify) the home.htm file that people will see when they access your home page. Your main home page must be named home.htm. Recall that as you work, you can check your progress by viewing the page at (for faculty and staff) or (for students).

Providing Access to the World

Finally, after you have set up your home page, you will want to have it linked through the Wabash College Directory, so that others can find your page. When your page is set up, send email to the helpdesk (, who will activate the link for your page.

Wabash College Personal Web Pages Acceptable Use Policy
Version 2.1, August, 2005

As with all activities at Wabash, the Gentleman's Rule is an appropriate guide for those who wish to create a personal web page.

Existing policy documents, such as the WABnet Acceptable Usage Policy, cover most of the usage issues with regard to personal pages. Issues specific to personal pages are described below.

Authorized Users
Any Wabash student, faculty, or staff member may set up a personal web page on Wabash's personal web server. In fact, folders for personal web pages are automatically generated for these users.

Other users who may have network accounts on Wabash servers—such as spouses and children of Wabash staff and students—are not permitted access to set up a personal web page. In addition, Wabash staff and students, while authorized to maintain their own web page, may not provide web pages for other non-authorized users.

Server Issues and Storage Limitations
Personal web pages cannot make use of server-side processing, such as CGI, Java, ActiveX programming, server-side image mapping, access control, or similar techniques requiring access to or special configuration of the Web server software. Those wanting to explore use of such technologies are encouraged to contact a commercial web hosting service.

Students are restricted to 25MB disk storage in their personal web storage area. The web page quota is not generally strictly enforced by the system, as there may be legitimate reasons why a student may need to temporarily go over his limit. However, IT Services will regularly monitor disk usage, and if necessary establish disk quotas to ensure that all users have equal access to available resources.

Faculty and staff have no disk quota restriction on their web pages, but are expected to observe reasonable limits.

Commercial Endeavors
The use of personal web pages to support commercial endeavors is strictly prohibited. Examples include: promoting or advertising goods or services; soliciting customers or investors; selling and distributing information, images, or computer programs; and obtaining advertisers to support your site.

Aside from not supporting the academic mission of the College, use of personal web pages for commercial activity is a violation of the College's agreement with our Internet service provider, and could result in a reclassification of our educational Internet link.

Network Performance
Personal web pages may be monitored by IT Services for both the number of "hits" a site generates, as well as the number of bytes served. Personal web pages generating enough hits or network traffic to degrade network performance may be restricted or shut down.

Observation of Copyright
Be conscious of copyright when creating your pages. Just because it is easy to get a picture from the Internet (or to scan and convert a printed image or document to digital form), or create digital audio and video files, does not mean you can simply add such files to your page. In general, you should not put pictures, images, documents, audio clips, video clips, or software on your pages unless you created them, or you have written permission from the creator. All state and federal copyright laws will be followed at Wabash College. Students with questions about copyright should contact one of the librarians.



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