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The Registrar's Office is committed to maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of academic records, continuously improving our processes and services, and supporting Wabash College's mission and its lifelong relationship with students and alumni.


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Registration Confirmation

  1. Students are required to confirm registration for the following semester by July 30 for the fall semester and December 30 for the spring semester.  Registration is considered confirmed when a student is in good standing with the Business Office – meaning he has a paid his tuition invoice or satisfactory payment arrangements are in place; including having all financial aid in place.  Students who fail to confirm registration by these dates will be de-registered from all classes for the following semester
  2. Once a student who has been deregistered confirms his registration, he will be assessed a $125 re-registration fee and allowed to register for classes again.  Please note that a student who is de-registered from any course with an active waitlist may be unable to regain his seat in that course even after registration is confirmed, if that seat has been claimed by a waitlisted student.


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