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Acadeum College Consortium | Registrar

Course Share

Approved Online Transfer Courses

The Course Share program allows Wabash students to access the Acadeum catalog of online courses already approved for transfer credit.

Wabash College is a member of the Council of Independent Colleges Online Course Share Consortium, a group of accredited private colleges and universities that share select online summer courses via the Acadeum platform to support students in their educational goals. Through the Course Share program, Wabash students are provided with access to summer courses in the consortium when they need:

  • an opportunity to “catch up” on credits and maintain a four-year graduation pace.
  • an opportunity to earn credits that will maintain the student’s Indiana grants or other forms of financial aid throughout the academic year.
  • a prerequisite for an upcoming course.
  • a course that is not offered during the semester.

Courses taken through Course Share are transcribed on the student’s Wabash transcript, allowing for Wabash to apply financial aid to the courses. (This applies only with certain enrollment statuses – check with the Financial Aid Office to see if this applies to you.)

Instructions and Available Courses Request Enrollment at 

How does Course Share work?

An Acadeum Course Share™ transfer course has been pre-approved by Wabash, in most cases with a direct equivalency to a Wabash course. Students must sign up for an account using their Wabash student email, verify their email, and can then request registration for the approved courses.

Because these are transfer courses, the grades for these courses do not transfer, only the credits earned. Course Share courses will appear on a Wabash transcript with a grade of CR or NC. A Course Share course will not increase or decrease a student’s Wabash GPA.  As with other transfer courses, a letter grade of C- or higher must be earned in order for credit to be awarded for the course.

Course Approval

The Registrar, Associate Registrar, and Department Chairs review and select courses from the consortium to make available to students. When reviewing courses, they review course syllabi, faculty credentials, and additional assessment of learning outcomes data.

Student Requests

Students may collaborate with their Academic Advisor and the Registrar’s Office to access the Acadeum platform to search for available courses.

Once the student has selected potential courses, the student can request the course through the Acadeum platform and provide the rationale for needing the course.

Student Request Approval

The Registrar’s Office will review the student’s course request through the Acadeum platform. They will consider such things as the student’s eligibility, the student’s business office standing, financial aid eligibility, or whether any prerequisites are needed. 

Once the Registrar’s Office conducts its review, the course request will be sent to the student’s advisor for an additional review. Following the advisor’s review, the course may be either approved or denied. The advisor or the Registrar’s Office may also request more information from the student. Though all courses are approved, please note that all registrations are still dependent on Wabash approval on a student-by-student basis.

Once approved for a course, students will receive assistance from the teaching institution and the Acadeum support team regarding log in and password, access to the teaching institution’s learning management system, and beginning the course.

Course Billing and Payment

The student will pay the applicable Wabash tuition rate for the Acadeum course, as determined by the Wabash business office. All costs and billing will be directly from Wabash, not the teaching institution. Any questions regarding costs, rates, or billing can be directed to the Business Office at Wabash, NOT the teaching institution.

Students are responsible for all learning material costs, including textbooks, as determined by the teaching institution.

Add & Drop Dates

Add and drop deadlines for Course Share courses will vary and are established by the teaching institution. These dates are posted on the Acadeum site alongside the syllabus and other section information. The drop dates posted for Course Share courses are firm, as they represent the date upon which Wabash has incurred financial obligation for a student’s participation.

Students should review the syllabus closely for the assigned dates and any required course fees.


If you have any questions about Course Share or the Acadeum College Consortium, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 765-361-6416.