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Academic Bulletin Teacher Education - 2010-11 - 201 EDU 201

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EDU 201 The American High School: A Social History Behind the Current Issues

The course includes the history and philosophy of American schooling from colonial and common school times to the present, focused on the rise of high school in particular. The historical and philosophical components will be integrated with a study of contemporary educational issues of school reform and will include the history of schooling for diverse multicultural groups. A variety of contemporary issues driving the current schooling reform will be studied including: multicultural, bi-lingual, and special education reforms and their impact on the high school; curricular reform (including multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary curriculum); and issues around the reform of instruction and assessments in the education of high school students. The required technology thread includes effective internet searching along with PowerPoint presentations. The field component contains field trips to innovative schools and working with special needs students (10 hours). Level: Open to any student; Students interested in Teacher Education are encouraged to take EDU 201 in the sophomore year. Required of juniors admitted to the program. This course is offered in the fall and spring semesters. Course can be counted as a history/philosophy/religion distribution credit.

No prerequisite.

Credits: 1