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Academic Bulletin Theater - 2010-11 - 103 THE 103

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THE 103-01 Seminars in Theater

Flash Drama, Vaudevilles, and the One-Act Play

The one-act play is to the full-length play as the short story is to the novel. The strength of the one-act play is in its economy of action where events and characters are pared down to dramatic essences. Although brevity is its trademark, the one-act play is no less complex than the full length play. In fact, many leading playwrights have found the one-act structure, flash dramas, and vaudevilles, appropriate for their dramatic ideas. In this seminar we study the elements of drama revealed in the one-act play, participate in class performance projects, and study representative works by Euripides, Anton Chekhov, Lady Gregory, Eugene ONeill, Arthur Miller, Susan Glaspell, Edward Albee, Amiri Baraka, Vaclav Havel, August Wilson, and others. This course if offered the first half of the semester.

Credits: 1/2