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ENG 108 History and the Novel

An introduction to the novel itself in which we try to sustain the joy of first readings and attempt to understand how authors invite us to co-create this “other world,” and how historical events and individuals are a part of this creative process. Our texts may range in length from Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, in subject from politics in Warren’s All the King’s Men, and Garcia Marquez’ The General in His Labyrinth to debates about historical sources like Yourcenar’s The Memoirs of Hadrian and Vargas Llosa’s The War of the End of the World. Selections from Latin American novelists like Garcia Marques, Fuentes, and Vargas Llosa may help us understand why the historical novel has been such a prominent literary mode in Central and South America. This course is offered in the spring semester.

Credits: 1