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Academic Bulletin Latin - 2010-11 - 201 LAT 201

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Course Descriptions—Literature and Fine Arts

LAT 201 Intermediate Latin

These courses are intended to satisfy the needs of two classes of students: (1) those with previous prepa ration in Latin (usually two years or more in high school) whose performance on the Placement Test shows that they need only a semester’s work to reach the Basic Proficiency level; (2) students who have completed Latin 101, 102 and desire to continue their study of the language. The emphasis will be on developing facility in reading Latin. Since there is a great deal of Latin Prose Composition in Latin 201, it also may be counted as a course in the Language Studies area. Latin 201 will read selections from classical poetry and prose; Latin 202 will read selections from Vergil’s Aeneid. If a student who places into Latin 201 completes the course with a grade of B- or better, he will receive an additional course credit in Latin; this course credit does not count towards the major or minor. 

Credits: 1