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Summer Institute

WLAIP Summer Institute | WLAIP

The Wabash Summer Institute gives new students a head start on Wabash and post-Wabash success by introducing them to students, faculty, and staff who will be their friends and mentors for years to come. We plan to hold the Summer Institute on campus this year from July 2 to July 30, 2024

During the Summer Institute students will:

  • complete their first college credit (English Composition).
  • get to know faculty, staff, and upperclass students who will be their friends and mentors for years to come.
  • learn about the offices and people who will support them during their four years at Wabash.
  • have a lot of fun along the way!

Students will learn about different liberal arts disciplines in sessions with alumni who have majored in those disciplines and have gone on to post-Wabash success and from the faculty in those disciplines who guide such success. In such conversations students will get a sense of the demands, opportunities, and expectations of the Wabash liberal arts approach.

The Institute will also include:

  • roundtable discussions with Wabash alumni.
  • orientation sessions to learn about the different programs and services Wabash has to offer.
  • off-campus events including city museums and/or sporting events in and around Central Indiana.

The Summer Institute will be a great way to get a leg up as you embark on your Wabash journey.