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Second Summer Experience

WLAIP Second Summer Experience | WLAIP

During the freshman year, Wabash faculty and staff will work with WLAIP participants to begin identifying potential career aspirations and interests. This will guide the students' second summer experience.

The summer between the students' freshman and sophomore years, they will have the opportunity to complete a paid internship or on-campus research experience with one or more faculty members, or to participate in one of several summer immersion learning programs. Indeed, enrollment in WLAIP brings with it a guarantee of $3600 as payment for completion of this experience. 

Sample second year experience opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • on-campus research within an academic department.
  • on-campus internship.
  • off-campus internship in a business, industry, or non-profit organizaiton throughout the United States. 
  • immersion learning programs in locations such as Ecuador, Peru, or Germany.